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Consent Form

Please read and tick below to give your consent to the following during your cat's stay:

Authorisation for Veterinary Treatment
I agreed that in the case of suspected illness, a veterinary surgeon may be contacted and my cat’s illness to be investigated if required (including blood tests, x-rays etc.)
I agree for the cattery to administer any prescribed treatments the vet considers advisable. I understand that the tests and treatment given will be at my own expense.
I give permission of worm/flea treatment to be given as necessary.
I also give consent for euthanasia should this be recommended on humane grounds by the veterinary surgeon caring for my cat, in consultation with my over veterinary surgeon/contact person.
Every effort will be made to use the cats usual veterinary practice should your cat require veterinary treatment. Where this is not possible, the cattery's vet will be used. The cattery's vet is Mildmay Veterinary Hospital, Easton Lane, Winchester SO23 7RU Tel 01962 854088.

Care and Accommodation
I give my consent to the following should Coxford Down Cattery feel it appropriate for my cat(s) whilst they are in their care:
• Can separate a family of cats that are together within one suite if required (e.g. in the event that one of the cats becomes unwell or if they begin to fight)

• Offer a different type of food if they decide not to eat the food specified by the owner on admission

• Act in my cat(s) best interest should I not be able to be contacted

Social Media
I give my consent for Coxford Down Cattery to post pictures of my cat(s) including their name on social media sites such as Facebook. No personal details (e.g. surname, address etc) will be shared.


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Coxford Down Cattery is a luxury boarding cattery situated near
Micheldever Station, close to the A303/M3 junction 

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Your Cat's Stay With Us

Our aim is to offer your cats with a routine close to home whilst they are in our care, to ensure they remain happy and content.

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Coxford Down Cattery is a modern, spacious and caring cattery owned by Leanne Drew. Meet the team here.

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